Building in more financial security in these simple steps

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Financial security also lays the foundation for a carefree life. Unfortunately you rarely get thrown into the lap just like that. Even more: those who do not take precautionary measures run the risk of putting themselves or their relatives in difficult papers. Fortunately, you can avoid this worst case scenario without necessarily having to change your spending pattern. The steps below teach you how to get rid of financial headaches in a simple way!

Think of your next of kin and take out a balance insurance policy


Financial security, that not only relates to yourself, but also to your relatives. There is a good chance that your income will guarantee the well-being of your family. If your wage suddenly drops due to an early death, this may have far-reaching consequences. For example, think of the home loan that must be paid further.

Fortunately, with a balance insurance policy you never have to get that far. This temporary death insurance ensures that the insured, not yet repaid amount of a loan is repaid to the institution where you borrowed. That way your partner or heirs no longer have to worry about the repayment of this substantial sum. Moreover, a debt balance insurance is also tax-efficient! Other types of life insurance policies also help your surviving relatives have a financially carefree future.

Cover yourself against sudden unemployment

Cover yourself against sudden unemployment

Naturally, there are also a lot of risks in life that can have an impact on your financial household. Sudden unemployment is undoubtedly the most realistic of these.

Those who do not immediately find a new job often find it difficult to maintain their current standard of living. With the additional guarantee ‘Involuntary Unemployment’ , which you can take on top of your balance insurance, you have a perfect safety net. This guarantee allows you to look for a new challenge in complete peace of mind.

Don’t let illness ruin your life


Another victim is a serious illness . This not only takes you completely out of circulation, but is also accompanied by a financial loss. Fortunately, our country has excellent healthcare. The compulsory health insurance enables us to pay a large part of the medical costs. However, not everything is always reimbursed and the disease often has negative repercussions on your career.

A long-term illness entails additional non-reimbursed medical costs, but also a fall in income in most cases. If you are an employee – worker or employee – unable to work, you will receive a guaranteed wage. As a worker you get a guaranteed wage for 2 weeks, as a white-collar worker a whole month. After that period you will receive a capped sickness benefit that is lower than your normal wage.

The additional debt balance insurance guarantee Disability offers you the opportunity to partially compensate for this fall in income.

Don’t forget your pension


We are all too often confronted with it in the media: the affordability of pensions is being compromised. The future will tell whether or not it will actually go that fast, but we still advise you to take it for granted. Retirement savings is already a simple and fiscally attractive way to build an apple for the thirsty. Or with a (mixed) life insurance policy you can build up a supplementary pension and guarantee a death capital to your family if you die before the end of the contract.

Do not take unnecessary risks

Do not take unnecessary risks

An obvious tip, but crucial for your financial well-being: do not take unnecessary risks . Does your budget not allow you to invest? Then ignore the stock market and opt for less risky solutions such as a government bond or other safe, fixed-income securities. There is a safe, tailor-made solution for every family!

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