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Has 2015 surprised you in expenses? It’s natural. Taxes have skyrocketed, the electricity bill costs us $ 400 more per year than in 2005, and water and gas have not stopped rising … October comes savers!

There are many consumers who, upon receiving the last electricity bill, would appreciate a little help in knowing how they can save and detect the bad habits they have acquired in the home.

If autumn has arrived and, among other cuts, you are thinking of joining energy savings, you can not miss these 20 tips to save on electricity. They are brought to you by Wiquot, the first intelligent personal finance manager in Spain.

Come in, read and take good note

Come in, read and take good note

Although the “veroño” and short sleeves are still giving us a truce, the days are shortening and the time to change the schedule is approaching. Moreover, many do not remember if we win or lose with the time change. Well, I have good news, let’s win an hour! On October 25 we will make the change from summer to winter, and at 3 in the morning it will be 2.

The bad news is that even the lack of sunlight and low temperatures make almost all Spaniards change the chip. With the arrival of autumn, who doesn’t feel like enjoying a good afternoon of home theater? The plan is great for saving and fighting small expenses, but it also has a direct consequence, electricity consumption soars! That’s right, with the turtlenecks and sofa blankets, come the new queen of the home: the electricity bill.

Are you one of those who pulls electricity? Do you need to save a little more at the end of the month? Do not miss these 20 tips to minimize the consumption of electric light, With them you will keep the spending on electric light and thermostat at bay.

Tips to reduce your electric bill

Tips to reduce your electric bill

1. Nowadays, who doesn’t spend a couple of hours working in front of the computer? If you have any homework, make the most of natural daylight hours. The gesture of turning on a switch costs more than you think.

2. If you have to ventilate the house, it’s cold or hot, always do it first or last hour of the day. That way you won’t waste the energy consumed by connecting the air or heating systems.

3. When you connect the cold or heat system, choose which rooms you are going to use. Be sure to close the windows and doors of the house. Your energy expenditure will be lower and you will prevent the air from escaping.

4. Redecorating the house, without going crazy in IKEA, can help you more than you think. Analyze where you have doors, windows and access to terraces. Locate your furniture so that it does not hinder the entry of light. With some small changes you can gain in brightness, save on heating and reduce the electricity bill.

5. Do you follow the trends? Bluish gray, pink, burgundy and yellow, among others, are the colors of autumn 2015. They are beautiful, we agree, but for the rooms always choose light colors. A clear paint will help you to reflect the light and create a feeling of greater amplitude.

6. In the 90s in Spain there was a fever, that of halogen. Its light was warm and powerful, with a halo sophistication. Today its consumption is also powerful in the electricity bill. Light bulbs and flexos account for 4.1% of total household consumption . Therefore, it is highly recommended to place energy saving light bulbs or LEDs . There are many types to fit what you want, consume 80% less than those of a lifetime and last up to 10 times longer .

If you have points where you need a lot of light

If you have points where you need a lot of light

such as the kitchen or bathroom, you can use fluorescent tubes or downlights with LED light . The latter are downlights, very similar to the usual recessed panels, but with LED bulbs.

When you go to look for them, do not overwhelm yourself with the price, they are a little more expensive, but they consume 6 times less and last between 8 and 10 times longer .

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